My mission for this “Inspire Us” podcast is to present powerful, inspirational, and transformative conversations with people who have experienced adversity, disappointment, and setbacks at some point in their lives and overcame them. How did they do it, and how can we apply what they did to our lives if we’re going through something similar? They may hold the key to what we’re going through and help inspire us through our trying circumstances.

I’ll also be interviewing guests who are experts in the fields of mental health, wellness, relationships, conflict resolution, effective communications, and much more. They will undoubtedly share some helpful information that we can all benefit from.

My guests are people just like you and me, from all walks of life, and from every level of success. My intent is to have their stories not only inspire each of us but also impact people around the world to overcome what is keeping them hostage so that each of us can live the life we all deserve to live. The experts I’ll be interviewing will share their knowledge and expertise to help us deal with the stresses of life. These are difficult times, but we shall overcome them, together. How about we add inspiration to the mix? Episodes will be available each Wednesday, and I hope you join us for a warm cup of much-needed inspiration.


These are ever-changing times that challenge many of us financially. However, the fact is, there are so many new business opportunities available to people, and age doesn't play that much of a role anymore. I introduce you to Makenna Riley, an eighteen-year-old businesswoman who started working online at the age of ten and is now running more than one 6 figure business. If you're finding it difficult to get to where you want to be, this podcast is for you. Remember that there are so many opportunities available to us and that we have the ability to chase our dreams.

About MacKenna:

Makenna Riley is an 18-year-old businesswoman who runs a 6-figure online empire called Billionaire Business Academy.

She knows what she wants out of life and is certainly is a teen to watch who serves as a role model, not only to her peers to many adults who are excited to embrace technology. Not many kids her age have a thriving business and interviewed celebrities like Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Motivation Guru Les Brown, Fitness Legend Jack Lalanne, and many others.

She’s a genius when it comes to all things technology which gives her a leg up in the internet marketing world. She has helped countless businesses bring their product or service onto the online market and is skilled at funnel building, email marketing, and advertising. The list goes on with all the skills she has picked up in the last 6 years in the Internet Marketing world, learning from the best in the business. This knowledge has allowed her during COVID-19 to thrive and help up-level others along the way.


To learn more, connect with her by going to


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*Trigger warning: this episode deals with domestic violence and severe brutality. If you are triggered by violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human suffering, I highly advise that you do not tune in to this episode.

Having said that, this is a remarkable story of a woman who never gave up, and although she suffered severe brutality at the hands of her once-beloved husband, the love for her child kept her fighting against all odds and she was not only able to survive her circumstances and free herself, she rose like a Phoenix.

Imagine being kidnapped, held hostage for six months, beaten, raped daily, starved & punished. This is a story of a mother's protection. of a female MacGyver, a warrior, and a fighter. You're going to want to tune into this one if you're not triggered.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, Beauty BioHacker, Clubhouse, and Instagram Influencer who focuses on holistic beauty. She is also the founder of The Molina Glow, a certified Holistic Health & Life Coach and a former medical sales specialist ranked Top 3 nationally in sales in the pharmaceutical arena. Her personal story of domestic violence survival has led her to become a Model on a Mission to redefine the WHY surrounding people’s beauty choices and practices."

IG: Elizabeth__Molina

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*This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence and torture and is not recommended for all audiences.

Imagine being arrested by the 'secret police' in a foreign country, taken to a remote, secret location and then accused of being a terrorist bomber, tortured, degraded and held at the mercy of your torturous captors. Well, that's the true story you're about to hear. 

From the media:

Alam Ghafoor was detained and tortured while on a business trip to Dubai following the London bombings in July 2005. Alam and his business partner, Mohammed Rafiq Siddique, flew to the UAE on July 4th of that year. They were dragged out of a restaurant as they dined on July 21st. The two British Muslims were then threatened with torture, deprived of sleep, subjected to stress positions and told they would be killed and fed to dogs.

Alam was eventually released without charge on July 30th, convinced that the individual to which consular officials were turning for permission to see him was a British intelligence officer. At the time of his interrogation, Alam was told that British security services had requested his detention and questioning.

Apparently MI5 and MI6 officers who question terrorism suspects they know are being tortured are apparently acting in line with a secret government interrogation policy, drawn up after the 9/11 attacks. The policy stated: "We cannot be party to such ill-treatment nor can we be seen to condone it" and that "it is important that you do not engage in any activity yourself that involves inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners." It also advises intelligence officers that if detainees "are not within our custody or control, the law does not require you to intervene" to prevent torture.

When Alam asked why he had been arrested, he was shown a photograph and told he resembled one of the 7/7 suicide bombers and that he must be related to him. His business partner, Siddique, who was also detained and tortured, says he was told he must have been involved in the bombings – not only did he share a name with the bombers – but he lived in Dewsbury, the same Yorkshire town.

One interrogator said to him: "In the morning you will be thrown into a pit and the dogs will tear you to bits and I will watch it and enjoy it."

Eventually, he agreed to sign a false confession admitting he was a friend of the bombers and had organized the London attacks. "I wrote a false confession and put crazy things in it like 'I have constant contact with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden'," he said. He was told he would be shot by a firing squad the following morning.

When Alam returned home, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. His relationship with his partner broke down and he suffered nightmares, anxiety, and paranoia.

Today, Alam resides in the UK and his understanding of people and cultural differences make him a master negotiator. He is an advisor and consultant to CEO's, HNW clients, and Government agencies. His focus is on creating a better world and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

Author of: Innocent Terrorist


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Does mindset matter? Can positive affirmations become habit and change a negative mindset. The answer is 'YES,' and Danny Skulls explains how in this inspiring episode. Following the interview is a special mindset meditation you're sure to enjoy.

About Danny:

Danny Sculls is a mindset and sales mentor that works with entrepreneurs to help them scale to 6 figures. 

Danny brings over 18 years of Sales Leadership coaching experience having run floors in the Empire State Building and Wall Street.
Danny is an NLP Master Practitioner and takes a deep dive into the unconscious mind of his clients to help them overcome limiting beliefs, and charge what they're worth through his sales, hypnosis, and timeline reset techniques.
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Sandra Elia is a Certified Food Addiction Counselor and a pioneer in the field of addictive eating. Her expertise has brought about partnerships with Canada's top obesity and addiction doctors. Her Food Addiction Recovery Program has
yielded tremendous success. Patients report improved health, improved sense of well being, most importantly, changing their relationship with food.

Sandra runs Ontario's outpatient Food Addiction Recovery Program (originally covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan: OHIP at The Wharton Medical Clinic).

She co-created Canada's first 28-day residential treatment program for food addiction at Renascent Addiction Rehab Centre in Toronto.

Sandra's work has be featured in:
National Post
Global News Toronto
Global News Edmonton
CTV News - Atlantic
Toronto Star

FB: 3Fails

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For almost two years Arjan Erkel was held captive by masked Islamic rebels in Dagestan, Russia after being kidnapped for ransom. He was an anthropologist working for “Doctors without borders.” His unique story about survival, his quest for freedom, and his powerful recovery is inspiring.  It reminds us that no matter what we are faced with, we can handle it. And we thought lockdown was tough.


Since then, Arjan has been speaking about his experience worldwide, giving workshops, and coaching, and he has inspired thousands of people with his message about freedom and taking ownership of your own life.


Arjan is also a Co-Founder of ‘Free a Girl,’ a foundation that is dedicated to freeing young girls from forced prostitution. Since 2008 they have freed and given a second chance to more than 4,750 girls globally.

From Arjan:

“I learned the hard way that I can surprise myself, surpass myself and have much more power and influence than I ever imagined.

From August 2002 to April 2004, armed and masked Muslim rebels in Dagestan imprisoned me under appalling conditions for 607 days. My hostage situation was a long battle against uncertainty, stress, lack of clarity, loneliness, despair and lack of confidence, security and comfort.

Every day could be my last. Soon I realized I had to do everything possible to make the best out of the situation I was in by looking for a connection with my kidnappers and by constantly reflecting on my own behavior.

Working on safety, trust, and possibilities instead of making it worse by negativism and hostility I challenged myself every day. I learned how to push my own boundaries. I learned what patience, discipline and perseverance really mean. But I also experienced what it is like to have no more tears left to cry. I have experienced what empathy can do between mutual relationships. It helped me survive”.


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Chris Bolger is a two-time Guinness Book of World Records holder, life coach and hypnotist among many other accomplishments he's reached. In this conversation, we discuss the importance of journaling, pure focus for wellness, and more. 

Check Chris out on Facebook:

More about Chris:

Chris Bolger is an author, speaker, hypnotist and psychoneurologist for 15 years helping people individuals get into a state of thriving. He created a psychological system called “The Perception Process” which allows him to predictably create breakthroughs for even the worse of situations.

His systems allowed him to break two Guinness World Records, and help business owners more than 10X their income by way of their unique processing mechanisms in their mind. He’s personally coached corporate teams of Fortune 100 companies, branches of military, and they can’t seem to find anything that provides an edge as well as Chris’ Perception Process. When you set up the game so you can win, the rules to solving personal problems change and life is yours for the taking.

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In this episode, Dallas Graham shares his inspiring story of how a friend's young son, Nathan, who died from a rare disease ignited a fire in him to make a difference in the lives of children like Nathan and their communities. The Red Fred Project was born out of Nathan's connection to Dallas, and many children like Nathan are now being seen as authors of their own stories!

About Dallas: 

Dallas Graham is a fortysomething, Salt Lake City creative interested in books, birds, stories, kindness, photography, letters, yoga, natural parks, punctuation marks, giant eggs, compassion, making hummus, collaborations, and hiking with others. He is learning there are many ways to solve problems—especially when working with people who care about other people, whether they are friends or strangers.

Dallas is an independent publisher and the executive director of the Red Fred Project and is currently creating life legacies in the form of children’s books with kiddos dotting the United States. “We are producing the greatest stories ever told.” Would you like to help him with his book-making mission? Good. He’d love your help. Give him a call.

About the Red Fred Project:

The Red Fred Project finds children living in extraordinary circumstances (rare diseases and life-threatening illnesses) and asks them the question: If you could write a book for the entire world to read, what would it be about? The stories they share are filled with humor, compassion and wisdom. The books they create together become a vehicle for these stories. They become a lasting voice, a tangible achievement for each child. As part of the proceeds from each book sold go to the family, or to a related cause chosen by the child, the books are also a way to help with financial difficulties. You see? The magic multiplies & lives on forever. You will be inspired by the talent and imagination of these children.

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Namelokai Sein Kina has a sad and extraordinary story. As a survivor of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), sexual abuse, bullying, and more, she chose to become a lioness despite her past and help others by bringing awareness and hope to all people who have suffered. *Be aware that this episode may trigger some, and it is NOT for everyone.

About Namelokai:

Namelokai Sein Kina

Founder of Keep Girls Safe Foundation and an alum of Wichita State University, Namelokai Sein Kina holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in Women's Studies and Social Work. She also has a Masters of Arts in Social Work, a certificate with the Board of Immigration Appeal, and an FGM expert, a Certified Human rights Consultant, Certified DISC Behavior Consultant.  Namelokai has more than two decades of personal and professional practice in community-based advocacy for the campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM), domestic violence, and forced child marriages

With various first-hand expertise and experience and operating from a strengths-based social justice perspective, Namelokai has served locally, nationally, and internationally as an advocate, project coordinator for gender-specific programming, and human rights campaigner, working to eliminate FGM.  Specifically, she has acted as a forerunner in advancing broad-based community awareness and FGM prevention programming by advocating for an alternative rite of passage in Kenya and passing laws in Kansas and Kenya. additionally, Namelokai and works with multidisciplinary professionals who serve the young people who are subjugated to and who have survived FGM


Namelokai has a passion for bridging the gap between direct practices, research, and policy to eradicate FGM globally.  She has been locally and internationally recognized through honors and awards, particularly for her work supporting girl child education in Kenya, saving young girls from FGM, and working with women and girls at risk of or subjugated forced child marriages and FGM.


Namelokai is the Author of a book to be released in August of 2021. A Twist in the Survivor of female genital Mutilation. She hopes that Survivors will know what happened to them, don't define them, and they are not what happened to them. They are what they decide to do once now that they know it's OK not to be OK. Get inspired to create change, learned about the culture of FGM, demand policy change, and survivors will get empowered, know they are not alone, end the stigma, and know there is help to getting their clitoris back.






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Can wanting something bad enough be enough? Not without action, obviously. But does this also apply to healing our bodies after a severe accident? Tune in to find out how Gisele Nguyen said 'no' to a doctor's long-haul recovery projection and was back at work three months after her neck was broken and NOt the three years doctors told her it would take.

About Gisele:

Gisele Nguyen enjoys connecting with professionals and students around the world through her speaking, non-profits and coaching business. She is a proud mother, educator, entrepreneur, and award-winning corporate executive with 20 years of experience in business management, global supply chain, marketing, education, and sales. As a former Director at the Coca-Cola Company, she led a national project team of 30 managers to improve the club channel distribution that generated about 1 Billion in annual revenues. 

Gisele became an entrepreneur to pursue her passion for teaching, coaching, and speaking. 

She has started two companies and led three non-profits including the REACH Foundation and Inside the Outdoors which is administered by Orange Country Department of Education. OCDE supports 27 school districts and 500,000 students in Orange County, California.

IG: @gislenguyen

FB: Gisele Nguyen



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